Sunday, August 30, 2015

Forms of Evil

As previously stated, evil comes in many different forms, some of which include: demons, possession, human form, negative energies in material items, and trance.

Demons and Possession:
Demons are evil spirits that aid in the devil's work. When seen or felt, demons tend to take on a more solid, heavy presence than that of a spirit of God. Demons may, also, possess humans. Despite the aggressive depictions in film and television, possession is typically a lot more subtle. Instead, demons fill the mind of the person they possess with negative thoughts and emotions, (tricking them into thinking these thoughts and emotions are their own), in order to influence that person into making bad choices and doing evil. They are like a parasite, feeding off their host's energy. A spiritual healer should be sought out to remove a possession.

Human Form:
Human form is one of the biggest forms of trickery utilized, as not everyone is what they seem. Some people are good, some are evil, and some are satan in human form.

The good are those who generally do right by God. No human is perfect by any means, as we all make mistakes. Be that as it may, God gives each and every one of us the opportunity to experience life, make choices, and choose our path. The good choose to live a life that is more closely aligned with their higher self...however, this may not be without experiencing a few bumps in the road, first. If you're like me, sometimes you need to learn the hard way.

The evil are people who have willingly given up their soul, or non-believers who have chosen to focus on things like humanism and hedonism as opposed to their higher self. Whether they realize it or not, the evil are used as pawns, in which satan can work through. Don't be fooled by those who claim to believe in God, as satan himself believes in God. Actions speak louder. The evil will always reveal themselves sooner or later. When one sees deep reality, they can identify the evil by their eyes. The eyes appear blacked out, removed of all light. No iris or sclera is seen. Peripheral vision is one way to get a glimpse into deep reality. Another way is by believing and letting God show you when the time is right. Sometimes the vision may be quick, and easily second-guessed. Other times the vision may last for an extended period of time, if God chooses to be more blatant. ...Ever do a double take at something you were sure you saw out of the corner of your eye? Welcome to deep reality.

Perhaps the most painful lesson I learned is that Satan walks amongst us in human form. It was a concept I heavily debated at first, but God was more than willing to show and prove this truth to me. It was shocking to discover that some of the people I loved or thought of as a good friend, were really just a lie. An impostor posing as someone who cared about me, who was slowly misguiding and destroying my future...with one objective in mind; my soul. Now you might begin to wonder, how is this possible? Well, just as God can be everywhere at once, unfortunately so can satan. It might help to think along the lines of quantum physics, and how quantum particles can be in more than one place at the same time. This, in and of itself, demonstrates the possibility of this concept...even in our world.

Identifying Satan:
Identifying satan in human form can be tricky, but will become more obvious as you learn to see deep reality. Satan in human form looks just like each and every one of us. However, just as evil people can be identified by their eyes, so can satan. The eyes are cold, empty, and void. Satan, also, has a distinct scent that is unlike anything you will ever experience. It is overwhelmingly strong and spicy. Imagine strong scents like patchouli and myrrh. Though it is similar to these in strength and spiciness, it is a scent that really cannot be compared. When I lived my life completely in the illusion, I never once smelled this scent. However, once I opened myself up, God gifted me with this ability. I really wanted to experience truth and pleaded daily for God to show me. Each and every person my spiritual guide revealed to me as satan, turned out to carry that exact same scent. (And no, this was not confused with a perfume or cologne.) It was beyond the point of coincidence, and the reality began to hit me very hard. These were people I had known for years! If you identify satan, try to compare & contrast, placing special emphasis on the patterns of behavior each version shares. This will help you build a personality profile so that you can identify satan regardless if you experience any signs. ...You are all capable of seeing deep reality, but your ability to see it relies solely on your own desire. How badly do you want to know truth? Can you accept it, or is ignorance really bliss?

Being that I have already discussed negative energies in material items (under the post titled "Energies"), we will now move foreword to talk about trance. Satan uses trance as another means to try and control us, occurring only when we come into direct contact with satan in human form. It can happen through something as simple as a phone call, text message, or face to face conversation. Being in trance feels kind of like you are outside of yourself. Your mind may feel cloudy and everything seems dream-like. It is oddly similar to having a bad case of medicine-head. When you are in trance, satan is attempting to influence you in order to shift you off course or carry out his will. During this time satan can, also, transfer negative energies to material items through the person in trance. Do not accept any items/gifts from a person in trance and try your best to avoid them from touching any items in your house. The same goes for negative people! If you happen to touch an item and immediately get a left eye twitch, this is God telling you that the item carries negative energies and you need to remove it from your possession. There are two ways a person can snap out of a trance. One way is by calling for Jesus, repeating his name, and asking him to remove you from the trance. The other way is by sleeping it off. When seeing deep reality, you can tell when another person is in trance by their eyes. Their eyes will appear to be glowing, bright blue in color. It is something you definitely cannot miss and will never forget, as the whole eye is illuminated. Try your best to avoid this person while in trance...for your sake and theirs! Cut the conversation short, and be on your way. Speak to them again when they have snapped out of it. Perhaps it may be wise to find out later who they spoke with shortly before coming to visit you, as this might reveal who caused it. It is apparent that satan is responsible, but it will help you identify which human form.

I must emphasize, once again, to open up your mind and search for your own verification. I do not expect anyone to simply just trust what I say as truth. God will show you truth, if you truly seek it. In order to get the full picture, I would like to encourage all of you to not just read one or two blog posts. Everything I share with you ties together, one explaining the other. Try to go back and read them in order, beginning with the introduction. The progression will be much easier to follow and probably make a lot more sense.

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