Sunday, September 13, 2015

Removing Negative Energies

First, I would like to state that not all negative energies can be removed. Many of them are not within our capabilities to cleanse away. Sometimes the best option is to call it a loss.

Negative Energies in the Home:

Despite all the hype about sage, one of the most powerful items to ward off evil is frankincense resin. This is not to be confused with the oil or stick incense, as the actual resin is needed for potency and authenticity. Make sure that ALL household/material items carrying negative energies are removed from the house beforehand, and permanently. (For more information on how to locate these items, refer to my post titled "Energies" under the Negative Inanimate Objects subheading). Next, burn the frankincense resin as you walk through each room in your house, focusing on the rooms that carry the most negative energy. If the negative energy was created due to the harboring of too many negative emotions, it is important to understand that no amount of frankincense will get rid of negative energies you continuously draw in yourself.

In some circumstances, the energy in a house is so powerful and so negative that a move is necessary.

Negative Energies in Material Items:

First, I want you to ask yourself, how important is this item, really? Removing the item from your possession is a fail-proof way of knowing the negative energy is away from you. However, there are different methods for removing different degrees of negative energies...

A) White Vinegar- White vinegar removes lingering negative energies that have been collected by an item. As negative energies can grow stronger over time, it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Soaking an item for 10 minutes in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and water, (making sure the item is completely submerged), will usually do the trick. Rinse the item off after soaking. If the item is unable to be placed in water, dampen a cloth with white vinegar and wipe the object down thoroughly. Next, dampen a cloth with water and wipe off the vinegar until you can no longer smell any residue. Your phone is a good candidate for this method, as it stores a lot of energies. Don't forget to turn the phone off, and keep it off for 10 minutes after cleansing! In addition, adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to your laundry can renew the energies in your clothes.

B) The Elements- When an item holds a heavier negative energy, setting the item outside and exposing it to sunlight, moonlight, and/or rain may cleanse and draw the energies out. Praying to God and Jesus to remove the energy is a vital part of the process. The level of negativity the item holds will determine how long it remains in nature. For jewelry, try doing the vinegar & water soak as it takes in the sunlight and/or moonlight. There is no set amount of time that an item is to remain outside. However, try to keep it outside for at least one full day of sunshine. The best way to determine if an item has been fully cleansed is to verify it through God via direct communication. For more information on how to communicate directly, refer to my post "Proof of God via Direct Communication."

Note: As God is not materialistic, if an item holds high amounts of negative energy, exposing the item to the elements will not be sufficient. The item must then be removed and disposed of away from you and your home. There is no item in this world that is worth giving up one's well-being.

Personal Protection:

Carrying frankincense resin is a powerful and effective way to ward off evil. It can be carried in a pocket, inside a necklace, in a purse...somewhere that allows the resin to remain close to your body. No need to burn the resin. Most importantly, DO NOT let anyone else touch the frankincense resin or the container that holds it! It is yours, and yours alone. Transferring other energies onto the frankincense may render it useless.

Does your own energy feel off? Try taking a white vinegar bath, submerging your entire body in the water for 10 minutes. This can be challenging, as you obviously need to breathe! However, dunking can solve this issue....or a snorkel if you're feeling wild! Use about 1/2 cup of white vinegar mixed into your bathwater.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that has baffled experts for centuries. There have been countless studies, bringing forth results that remain unsatisfactory in determining a direct cause or solution. Having been a long time sufferer of sleep paralysis, I know just how terrifying it can be and how badly it interferes with a good night's rest (which inevitably trails into your daily life). From as early as I can remember, I had the most terrifying experiences. Over time, they increased in frequency. The experiences were so disturbing and so real that I was determined to find a solution. Today, I share with you what took me twenty-nine years of trial and error to figure out.

Shadow figures, voices, orbs of light, pressure on your chest...why does it seem so real? Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one. The intense fear reveals that somewhere, some part of you believes in the possibility that what you experienced was not just a hallucination. Just as the Native Americans used peyote to alter their state of consciousness to communicate with other worlds; when a person slips into sleep paralysis, their mind goes into an altered state of consciousness. Somehow, this altered state taps us into other dimensions. Although, these are not the kind of dimensions you want to dabble around in. Just think for a moment. If those negative entities are there, where exactly do you think you are? Though I cannot answer this question with confidence, one thing is certain: it's definitely not Godly. Experimentation has revealed many things to me. Some things I understand, and some I don't. I can't say my tampering was wise, but at least now I have the knowledge to pass to other sufferers.

There are multiple ways to stop sleep paralysis. Traditional (yet, temporary) ways consist of shaking your head back and forth until you wake yourself up, mood medications, or sleeping on your side instead of your back. However, I have discovered that there are much more effective ways. First and foremost, FEEL NO FEAR. Fear is the intention. Fear is what these entities feed off of and what gives them power. Remove that from the equation and now YOU have power over them. However, I must insist that you not show anger or hostility, either. Anger and hostility multiply their aggression toward you, only to make the experience worse. Believe me, I tried! Just know and understand that these entities CANNOT harm you. They inspire these negative emotions like fear and anger, and use them as fuel. It's a form of life-sourcing. The moment you feel yourself slipping into sleep paralysis, find the strength within, and tell yourself that you are not afraid- and truly feel it! This will immediately push them away and prevent them from coming near you. In fact, you can stop the experience from happening all together...and best of all, it works EVERY time. Another technique you can use is to call on Jesus, repeating his name until the experience stops. This method is just as effective.

The next step is to figure out the source. What is drawing these entities to you in the first place? Sometimes it may be a material item holding negative energy that was brought into your home or bedroom, inviting this evil. (For more information on this topic, refer to my posts titled "Energies" and "Removing Negative Energies.") Other times it can be drawn in through your own negative feelings or stress. During periods of my life when I was in the greatest distress, the frequency and intensity of my experiences increased. It is important to find a way to decrease your stress. Once you learn to stop sleep paralysis as it's happening and rid yourself of the causes, then you have the potential to end sleep paralysis once and for all.

End Note: For all you dabblers out there; I had no intentions of bringing this up. However, as I figured it out once, I'm sure a lot of you may have, as well. During sleep paralysis, one can bring forth an out of body experience. This is NOT wise. I must discourage each and every one of you from doing this. When your soul separates from your body, you are leaving your body open to being occupied by someone/something else. It's basically like going out for a night around town and leaving the front door to your house wide open- bad idea!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Forms of Evil

As previously stated, evil comes in many different forms, some of which include: demons, possession, human form, negative energies in material items, and trance.

Demons and Possession:
Demons are evil spirits that aid in the devil's work. When seen or felt, demons tend to take on a more solid, heavy presence than that of a spirit of God. Demons may, also, possess humans. Despite the aggressive depictions in film and television, possession is typically a lot more subtle. Instead, demons fill the mind of the person they possess with negative thoughts and emotions, (tricking them into thinking these thoughts and emotions are their own), in order to influence that person into making bad choices and doing evil. They are like a parasite, feeding off their host's energy. A spiritual healer should be sought out to remove a possession.

Human Form:
Human form is one of the biggest forms of trickery utilized, as not everyone is what they seem. Some people are good, some are evil, and some are satan in human form.

The good are those who generally do right by God. No human is perfect by any means, as we all make mistakes. Be that as it may, God gives each and every one of us the opportunity to experience life, make choices, and choose our path. The good choose to live a life that is more closely aligned with their higher self...however, this may not be without experiencing a few bumps in the road, first. If you're like me, sometimes you need to learn the hard way.

The evil are people who have willingly given up their soul, or non-believers who have chosen to focus on things like humanism and hedonism as opposed to their higher self. Whether they realize it or not, the evil are used as pawns, in which satan can work through. Don't be fooled by those who claim to believe in God, as satan himself believes in God. Actions speak louder. The evil will always reveal themselves sooner or later. When one sees deep reality, they can identify the evil by their eyes. The eyes appear blacked out, removed of all light. No iris or sclera is seen. Peripheral vision is one way to get a glimpse into deep reality. Another way is by believing and letting God show you when the time is right. Sometimes the vision may be quick, and easily second-guessed. Other times the vision may last for an extended period of time, if God chooses to be more blatant. ...Ever do a double take at something you were sure you saw out of the corner of your eye? Welcome to deep reality.

Perhaps the most painful lesson I learned is that Satan walks amongst us in human form. It was a concept I heavily debated at first, but God was more than willing to show and prove this truth to me. It was shocking to discover that some of the people I loved or thought of as a good friend, were really just a lie. An impostor posing as someone who cared about me, who was slowly misguiding and destroying my future...with one objective in mind; my soul. Now you might begin to wonder, how is this possible? Well, just as God can be everywhere at once, unfortunately so can satan. It might help to think along the lines of quantum physics, and how quantum particles can be in more than one place at the same time. This, in and of itself, demonstrates the possibility of this concept...even in our world.

Identifying Satan:
Identifying satan in human form can be tricky, but will become more obvious as you learn to see deep reality. Satan in human form looks just like each and every one of us. However, just as evil people can be identified by their eyes, so can satan. The eyes are cold, empty, and void. Satan, also, has a distinct scent that is unlike anything you will ever experience. It is overwhelmingly strong and spicy. Imagine strong scents like patchouli and myrrh. Though it is similar to these in strength and spiciness, it is a scent that really cannot be compared. When I lived my life completely in the illusion, I never once smelled this scent. However, once I opened myself up, God gifted me with this ability. I really wanted to experience truth and pleaded daily for God to show me. Each and every person my spiritual guide revealed to me as satan, turned out to carry that exact same scent. (And no, this was not confused with a perfume or cologne.) It was beyond the point of coincidence, and the reality began to hit me very hard. These were people I had known for years! If you identify satan, try to compare & contrast, placing special emphasis on the patterns of behavior each version shares. This will help you build a personality profile so that you can identify satan regardless if you experience any signs. ...You are all capable of seeing deep reality, but your ability to see it relies solely on your own desire. How badly do you want to know truth? Can you accept it, or is ignorance really bliss?

Being that I have already discussed negative energies in material items (under the post titled "Energies"), we will now move foreword to talk about trance. Satan uses trance as another means to try and control us, occurring only when we come into direct contact with satan in human form. It can happen through something as simple as a phone call, text message, or face to face conversation. Being in trance feels kind of like you are outside of yourself. Your mind may feel cloudy and everything seems dream-like. It is oddly similar to having a bad case of medicine-head. When you are in trance, satan is attempting to influence you in order to shift you off course or carry out his will. During this time satan can, also, transfer negative energies to material items through the person in trance. Do not accept any items/gifts from a person in trance and try your best to avoid them from touching any items in your house. The same goes for negative people! If you happen to touch an item and immediately get a left eye twitch, this is God telling you that the item carries negative energies and you need to remove it from your possession. There are two ways a person can snap out of a trance. One way is by calling for Jesus, repeating his name, and asking him to remove you from the trance. The other way is by sleeping it off. When seeing deep reality, you can tell when another person is in trance by their eyes. Their eyes will appear to be glowing, bright blue in color. It is something you definitely cannot miss and will never forget, as the whole eye is illuminated. Try your best to avoid this person while in trance...for your sake and theirs! Cut the conversation short, and be on your way. Speak to them again when they have snapped out of it. Perhaps it may be wise to find out later who they spoke with shortly before coming to visit you, as this might reveal who caused it. It is apparent that satan is responsible, but it will help you identify which human form.

I must emphasize, once again, to open up your mind and search for your own verification. I do not expect anyone to simply just trust what I say as truth. God will show you truth, if you truly seek it. In order to get the full picture, I would like to encourage all of you to not just read one or two blog posts. Everything I share with you ties together, one explaining the other. Try to go back and read them in order, beginning with the introduction. The progression will be much easier to follow and probably make a lot more sense.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

PROOF OF GOD via Direct Communication

God bestowed upon us the capability of direct communication. This communication is meant to guide and protect us through our journey in life. Those of us seeking truth and purpose are gifted with this connection. However, a closed mind will not be receptive, inevitably creating a block. That is why I must urge you to approach this concept with a truly open mind. 

God communicates directly through the one thing we always have on us: our bodies. Typically the eyes. You know that feeling when one of your eyes twitch? Well, despite popular belief, this is a means by which God communicates. I understand that it is said that the medical cause for this twitch is tiredness, stress, and so on. However, I must insist that you suspend all disbelief and open yourself up to greater possibilities.

When interpreting this communication, consider your body divided into a left and right side (your left and right, that is). When it comes to the eyes, a twitch in your LEFT EYE represents 'BAD NEWS.' A twitch in your RIGHT EYE represents 'GOOD NEWS.' However, sometimes different parts of the body are utilized, suggesting a slightly different meaning. A twitch on your left foot may represent a bad move, whereas a twitch on your right foot may represent a good move. A twitch on your left hand may represent something bad you are about to do, whereas a twitch on your right hand may represent something good you're about to do. When in doubt, remember that the left side of your body will always be associated with the negative, and the right side of your body will always be associated with the positive.

Just as 'timing' is important in signs, timing in relation to the twitches is vital to your understanding of its meaning. If you feel your eye twitch, immediately try to recall the exact thought you had in your mind at that moment in time. For example, say you're thinking about heading over to your friend's house, and as you think this, you get a left eye twitch. This is God informing you of some bad news in relation to going over to your friends house. Say you choose to proceed to your friends house anyway, and on the way you get a flat tire. Now it is understood what the bad news was in reference to.

What if you receive a left or right eye twitch, but weren't thinking about anything in particular? In this case, try considering your actions. What were you about to do? An example might consist of getting a left eye twitch as you attempt to clip the wrong electrical wire. On the other hand, if you weren't thinking or doing anything in particular, it may be in reference to an immediate, upcoming event. For example, perhaps you get a right eye twitch seconds before the phone rings, in which you receive a job offer. However, if your right or left eye is twitching on a consistent basis throughout one or more days, God is warning you of something good or bad that is yet to come. It is helpful to take everything into context, paying close attention to the exact timing of the twitch.

Typically God's communication focuses on issues of importance, but will sometimes show approval or disapproval about even the smallest of things. I, personally, love this because sometimes it's the little things that feel most precious. This, to me, is proof that God is always with you.

You may, also, ask God questions. However, it is of the utmost importance that you phrase your questions correctly and be precise! Also, ask the question in a way that can be answered with 'good news' or 'bad news.' For instance, say you want to know if your surgery will go well. You would ask (out loud or in your mind) "God, will my surgery go well tomorrow?" Following this question, if you get a right eye twitch, God is saying 'good news,' letting you know that everything will be okay.

In the case that you receive a right eye twitch, immediately followed by a left eye twitch, this is God letting you know that the situation may have complications. It can, also, be vice versa. You may receive a left eye twitch, immediately followed by a right eye twitch. It all depends on the circumstance. Say, for instance, you have an important meeting in which you need to be on time. When you notice that you are running a little behind, you might ask God: "am I going to make it to my meeting on time?" If you get a left eye twitch, followed by an immediate right eye twitch, this is God letting you know that you will not be on time. However, at the same time, God is reassuring you that everything will turn out okay and the meeting will still be a success.

Referring back to my blog on energies...the less negative energies you have surrounding you, the stronger the connection you will have with God. Too many negative energies will cause a block in communication. Cut ties with negative people and remove objects carrying negative energies from your home/car/storage. As long as negative energies are in your possession, they will still cause a block.

I pass this knowledge to you, just as it was passed to me. Please regard it respectfully. As time goes on, YOU will ultimately make the choice whether or not to accept this gift. I leave it in your hands.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fundamentals: Good, Evil, Free Will, and Choices

Before I get deeper in, it is best to clarify the fundamental ideology from which I speak so that the progression is easier to follow.

God and Jesus:
God is our creator, bringer of the light, and is neither male nor female. Jesus is the son of God and a powerful healer.

Free Will:
Now, I understand that some of you dispute the existence of God using the argument "if there really was a God, then why do bad things happen to good people?" The answer is: free will. The people in this world were given free will and are allowed to make their own choices; good AND bad. Think in terms of God being our parent, and us being the children. God watches over us and helps guide us as we learn and grow, but he does not 'control' our every move. What would be the point of living if we couldn't make our own decisions...and how would we learn if it weren't for our mistakes? Yes, bad things happen to good people, but it is through our own doing. We choose our own fate.

Now, this leads me to the topic of choices. It is our choices in life that define us and make us who we are. I understand that some things happen that are beyond our control, but the rest is shaped by our own doing. Don't forget that inaction is an action! This especially goes for the people who always tend to play the victim. Step up and take charge of your life, or else life will take charge of you! Also, I would like to emphasize that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. Mood altering medications designed for depression do not fix the problem, as they only suppress. There is always a cause (or causes) behind a person's depression, and the only way to fix it is to figure out what it is- not medicate. No one gets depressed for no reason. Make the choice to better yourself by changing the aspects of your life that ail you. Only focus on the things you 'can' change and keep moving forward. Dwelling in anger or sadness is self-defeating and doesn't do anyone any good. You will only end up drawing in negative energies! ...No more excuses. Life is what YOU make it, and God looks kindly upon those who make good choices of their own free will.

Just as God exists, there is also satan. Unlike the archetypal image of a large creature with horns, satan's true image is blacked-out, similar to that of a solid shadowy figure. The absence of all light.

Evil takes on many forms: satan, demons, negative energies placed into material items, human form, and so on. (For more information, check out my post "Forms of Evil.") With the main objective being your soul, the evil will try to deceive, distract, misguide, and life-source off of you until you are too weak to fight back. Throwing you off your intended path, while breaking you down mentally and spiritually is one of satan's biggest tactics. The other is making you believe he doesn't exist.

Let's look at this from a logical perspective for a moment by using a real life example. You know that horrible, backstabbing friend or deceiving partner you used to have that hurt you the worst? How did they approach you on your initial meeting? Did they immediately introduce themselves as a backstabber, or did they approach you in a more amicable way? Typically it's more of a slow progression before you begin to see their true colors peeking out. Speaking in half-truths is of the most infamous tactics used because it is especially confusing! If they notified people of their true intentions, how many of us would really stick around to let it happen? The more you are in the dark, the better and easier it is to deceive you in order for them to get what they want. That is exactly how satan works. Like a game of chess, it's all about the strategy. Denial of the existence of evil does not make you immune, it actually makes you more vulnerable and susceptible to harm. On the flip side, knowing that evil exists and underestimating its power is equally as harmful. Understand what you are actually dealing with. Do not dabble. Humble yourself, be smart, and know that when you play with fire, you may get burned.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Guiding Signs

Signs are all around us and can be experienced through several different means. It is one of the many ways God communicates with us to help guide and reassure us that we are on the right path. God utilizes our surroundings to reinforce a message. Signs can be noticed just about a song, a picture, on a television, clock, billboard, and so on. They are almost always perceived, but a lot of us just excuse them as something trivial or, at best, a strange coincidence. So, the question is: how do I know that what I saw or heard was really a sign? is all about the timing and context of the situation. Listed below are examples to help you along. 

Date of Birth Symbolism:
Your date of birth or even a favorite number is often used as a means to capture your attention. For instance, say your birthday is 7/15/88. Scenario A) You are driving in your car, when you notice the license plate directly in front of you emphasizes the number 88, 788, or even 715. Scenario B) You notice that room numbers, house numbers, numbers in line, etc. consistently seem to contain the same numbers as your date of birth. Scenario C) You always seem to look at the clock at 7:15. 

Seeing these symbols represent that you are on the right path, and are right where you were meant to be at that exact moment in time. On the flip side, if you continually notice 6's or the dreaded triple six's, then you must be cautious and perhaps rethink the direction you are headed (physically and spiritually).

Signs in Media:
Scenario A) Ever have a song come on the radio, immediately following a conversation or argument, that coordinates perfectly with your situation? Pay attention to the words, it is likely advising you or maybe just emphasizing how you feel at that moment in time, letting you know that God is there with you. Scenario B) Ever overhear the television respond perfectly to a question you just asked? It might make you laugh at first, but you will usually find that there is truth behind the answer. Scenario C) This is a recent experience of mine. Just last week I was reading a book, when the television in the background emphasized three different words. Each word was stated on the television simultaneously as I read the word in my book. How odd it was to hear the words aloud that I was reading. Needless to say, it turned out that those three words together meant something to me and directly related to my life. 

Repeated signs hold a significance that should not be ignored. They may be presenting an opportunity or trying to stress an issue that is being overlooked. ...You know those days when various, unrelated people bring up the same topic? Pay attention to what that topic does this relate to you? These signs are the kind you will likely have to decipher. On the flip side, it is important to know what kind of people you are receiving the repetitive message from. If they are negative, God does not communicate through negative people. In this case, it may be a false sign meant to throw you off and cause you to make a bad choice. 

This is yet another means by which God communicates. When a siren is heard, whether it be from an ambulance, fire truck, police car, etc., this is God trying to warn you of an immediate emergency. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially if the siren crosses your path. What happens next? Do you receive a text, phone call...a gift? Does someone approach you or ask to come over? If you are in a car, where are you headed? These are all things to be considered, as the emergency is in direct relation to your immediate future. For example, say you are out having coffee, and you see an ambulance going by with its sirens on. Suddenly, not long after the occurrence, someone approaches you. It is likely that God is warning you about this person. They may be negative, and it would be in your best interest to politely part ways asap. It is especially important that you not accept any items they try to give you. NOTE: If you are next to a hospital, fire station, or police station, this sign may not apply (as it is inevitable that you will hear a siren in these locations).

Tears/Watering Eyes:

Watering eyes bring awareness to that which surrounds you. Specifically, good and evil. (This is assuming that there is nothing irritating your eye and that it began watering without any direct cause.) If your LEFT eye waters, this signifies that evil is near. If your RIGHT eye waters, this signifies that God is near. If evil is near, calling for Jesus to remove the presence is a good idea.

Feeling of Choking or Chest Pressure:
When in tune with deep reality, your senses will become stronger as a means of protection against evil. Sometimes you may experience a choking sensation or a feeling of pressure in your chest after coming into contact with an item that holds negative energies. If this is the case, it would be in your best interest to throw the item out or refrain from purchasing it. If it is a person you are speaking with when you feel the choking, it is a clear sign to get away from this person, as their nature is evil.

Some people choose to dismiss these signs as a series of coincidences. However, I assure you that over time you will begin to take heed to their accuracy, if you open yourself up to receive them. Signs can present themselves in endless possibilities, never to be reduced to just the ones I've listed. Also, it is important to know that God tailors these signs specifically for you, with the intention of capturing your attention, alone. 

Friday, August 14, 2015


Energies are all around us. They are attached to everyone and everything, including inanimate objects. Some are positive and some are negative. Negative energies can impact every aspect of one's life, including their mental and physical well-being. Feeling drained of energy, and with no medical explanation? How about the sudden onset of sickness/headache/sore throat, and with no direct cause? ...Nightmares? ...Depression? ...Overwhelmingly negative thoughts? This may be the result of bringing too much negative energy into your home or engaging with negative people. Removing the item(s) or cutting ties with the negative person(s) will improve the quality of your life and health. 

It is important to understand that you can draw in energies yourself, based on the attitude you project. Know that negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity. For instance- ever have one of those days where you're in such a bad mood, and it seems that everything goes wrong like one big domino effect? This is you drawing those negative energies in. Try calming down and shifting your mindset. Harness those energies into something more positive. Easier said than done, right? Well, it may help to know that things could 'always' get worse. Appreciate the things you still have, no matter how small. Focusing on bringing in positive energies is the best chance you have in overcoming those terrible days without making matters worse. 

Negative People: 
These are the people you walk away from feeling drained. They are usually pretty easy to figure out. The constant 'victims.' The ones who thrive on drama. The 'haters,' and so forth. However, certain negative people are a little more difficult and deceiving. For those, it may take a little more time to figure out if you haven't mastered reading energies. Nonetheless, something should feel 'off' about them. They always end up giving themselves away at some point, so definitely pay attention! Negative people need the energy of others...they feed off of it. This is what is called "life-sourcing." Their intention is to steal your energy, bring you down, and take you with them in their misery.

Negative Inanimate Objects: 
These are much harder to spot out. The best way is if you recently feel a shift of energy in your home. This shift in energy can be in one room or throughout the entire house. The negative energy creates a heaviness in the air and you might even feel less of a desire to spend time in that room. Nightmares are big indicators, too. Try to pinpoint the general time frame from which you started feeling the shift in energy, then consider any items you brought in around that time. Small, large...old or new; everything holds energy and nothing is off limits. Also, consider any objects given to you from a negative this is likely the source. After you narrow it down, try removing the item(s) from your home. If the energy goes back to normal or your nightmares stop, throw the item(s) out or return it to the store. If not, keep searching. If there is sentimental attachment to the item(s), try to keep in mind that these are just material possessions and not worth the harm it will do to you or your family. However, if you absolutely cannot part with the item, there may a possibility that you can remove the energy. To learn more about this, refer to my post titled "Removing Negative Energies."

Remember, your home is your sanctuary. It is extremely important to do your best to keep people and objects out that carry negative energies. Even if a person leaves, their energy can linger behind. This will alter the energy in your home, resulting in a multitude of problems and interferences that can throw you off from your intended path in life. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that I am not associated with any specific organized religion. My belief in God and Jesus aligns me closest with Christianity, but only on the most fundamental level.

These words are not for everybody. My intentions are not to create a rise, but to simply tell the truth. Over the years I have seen and learned many things about the world around us. In fact, I am still learning…we all are. I do not claim to know everything, as I only know what I’ve experienced. All I ask is that you open yourself up to possibility. A closed mind will never see. Lift the veil. Look for the deep reality that is blurred by many illusions. Forget everything you’ve learned and been programmed to think since birth. Trust that your soul recognizes truth. 

The following passages contain knowledge and experiences I've gained throughout the years as I sought out answers, linking life and spirituality. Some of the topics discussed will challenge all preconceived notions you've had about reality and the workings of this world. However, I'm not looking to be judged. Instead, challenge yourself. Question the reality you thought you knew. 

Please understand that I do not expect you to trust my word, alone. THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO ENCOURAGE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU TO SEEK VERIFICATION BY EXPERIENCING THIS DEEP REALITY FOR YOURSELF. Just as God proved this truth to me, let the proof be seen through your own eyes and felt in your own heart. In the end, you will ultimately accept or reject. Either way, the message was presented...and in that, I find solace.