Friday, August 14, 2015


Energies are all around us. They are attached to everyone and everything, including inanimate objects. Some are positive and some are negative. Negative energies can impact every aspect of one's life, including their mental and physical well-being. Feeling drained of energy, and with no medical explanation? How about the sudden onset of sickness/headache/sore throat, and with no direct cause? ...Nightmares? ...Depression? ...Overwhelmingly negative thoughts? This may be the result of bringing too much negative energy into your home or engaging with negative people. Removing the item(s) or cutting ties with the negative person(s) will improve the quality of your life and health. 

It is important to understand that you can draw in energies yourself, based on the attitude you project. Know that negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity. For instance- ever have one of those days where you're in such a bad mood, and it seems that everything goes wrong like one big domino effect? This is you drawing those negative energies in. Try calming down and shifting your mindset. Harness those energies into something more positive. Easier said than done, right? Well, it may help to know that things could 'always' get worse. Appreciate the things you still have, no matter how small. Focusing on bringing in positive energies is the best chance you have in overcoming those terrible days without making matters worse. 

Negative People: 
These are the people you walk away from feeling drained. They are usually pretty easy to figure out. The constant 'victims.' The ones who thrive on drama. The 'haters,' and so forth. However, certain negative people are a little more difficult and deceiving. For those, it may take a little more time to figure out if you haven't mastered reading energies. Nonetheless, something should feel 'off' about them. They always end up giving themselves away at some point, so definitely pay attention! Negative people need the energy of others...they feed off of it. This is what is called "life-sourcing." Their intention is to steal your energy, bring you down, and take you with them in their misery.

Negative Inanimate Objects: 
These are much harder to spot out. The best way is if you recently feel a shift of energy in your home. This shift in energy can be in one room or throughout the entire house. The negative energy creates a heaviness in the air and you might even feel less of a desire to spend time in that room. Nightmares are big indicators, too. Try to pinpoint the general time frame from which you started feeling the shift in energy, then consider any items you brought in around that time. Small, large...old or new; everything holds energy and nothing is off limits. Also, consider any objects given to you from a negative this is likely the source. After you narrow it down, try removing the item(s) from your home. If the energy goes back to normal or your nightmares stop, throw the item(s) out or return it to the store. If not, keep searching. If there is sentimental attachment to the item(s), try to keep in mind that these are just material possessions and not worth the harm it will do to you or your family. However, if you absolutely cannot part with the item, there may a possibility that you can remove the energy. To learn more about this, refer to my post titled "Removing Negative Energies."

Remember, your home is your sanctuary. It is extremely important to do your best to keep people and objects out that carry negative energies. Even if a person leaves, their energy can linger behind. This will alter the energy in your home, resulting in a multitude of problems and interferences that can throw you off from your intended path in life. 

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