Saturday, August 22, 2015

PROOF OF GOD via Direct Communication

God bestowed upon us the capability of direct communication. This communication is meant to guide and protect us through our journey in life. Those of us seeking truth and purpose are gifted with this connection. However, a closed mind will not be receptive, inevitably creating a block. That is why I must urge you to approach this concept with a truly open mind. 

God communicates directly through the one thing we always have on us: our bodies. Typically the eyes. You know that feeling when one of your eyes twitch? Well, despite popular belief, this is a means by which God communicates. I understand that it is said that the medical cause for this twitch is tiredness, stress, and so on. However, I must insist that you suspend all disbelief and open yourself up to greater possibilities.

When interpreting this communication, consider your body divided into a left and right side (your left and right, that is). When it comes to the eyes, a twitch in your LEFT EYE represents 'BAD NEWS.' A twitch in your RIGHT EYE represents 'GOOD NEWS.' However, sometimes different parts of the body are utilized, suggesting a slightly different meaning. A twitch on your left foot may represent a bad move, whereas a twitch on your right foot may represent a good move. A twitch on your left hand may represent something bad you are about to do, whereas a twitch on your right hand may represent something good you're about to do. When in doubt, remember that the left side of your body will always be associated with the negative, and the right side of your body will always be associated with the positive.

Just as 'timing' is important in signs, timing in relation to the twitches is vital to your understanding of its meaning. If you feel your eye twitch, immediately try to recall the exact thought you had in your mind at that moment in time. For example, say you're thinking about heading over to your friend's house, and as you think this, you get a left eye twitch. This is God informing you of some bad news in relation to going over to your friends house. Say you choose to proceed to your friends house anyway, and on the way you get a flat tire. Now it is understood what the bad news was in reference to.

What if you receive a left or right eye twitch, but weren't thinking about anything in particular? In this case, try considering your actions. What were you about to do? An example might consist of getting a left eye twitch as you attempt to clip the wrong electrical wire. On the other hand, if you weren't thinking or doing anything in particular, it may be in reference to an immediate, upcoming event. For example, perhaps you get a right eye twitch seconds before the phone rings, in which you receive a job offer. However, if your right or left eye is twitching on a consistent basis throughout one or more days, God is warning you of something good or bad that is yet to come. It is helpful to take everything into context, paying close attention to the exact timing of the twitch.

Typically God's communication focuses on issues of importance, but will sometimes show approval or disapproval about even the smallest of things. I, personally, love this because sometimes it's the little things that feel most precious. This, to me, is proof that God is always with you.

You may, also, ask God questions. However, it is of the utmost importance that you phrase your questions correctly and be precise! Also, ask the question in a way that can be answered with 'good news' or 'bad news.' For instance, say you want to know if your surgery will go well. You would ask (out loud or in your mind) "God, will my surgery go well tomorrow?" Following this question, if you get a right eye twitch, God is saying 'good news,' letting you know that everything will be okay.

In the case that you receive a right eye twitch, immediately followed by a left eye twitch, this is God letting you know that the situation may have complications. It can, also, be vice versa. You may receive a left eye twitch, immediately followed by a right eye twitch. It all depends on the circumstance. Say, for instance, you have an important meeting in which you need to be on time. When you notice that you are running a little behind, you might ask God: "am I going to make it to my meeting on time?" If you get a left eye twitch, followed by an immediate right eye twitch, this is God letting you know that you will not be on time. However, at the same time, God is reassuring you that everything will turn out okay and the meeting will still be a success.

Referring back to my blog on energies...the less negative energies you have surrounding you, the stronger the connection you will have with God. Too many negative energies will cause a block in communication. Cut ties with negative people and remove objects carrying negative energies from your home/car/storage. As long as negative energies are in your possession, they will still cause a block.

I pass this knowledge to you, just as it was passed to me. Please regard it respectfully. As time goes on, YOU will ultimately make the choice whether or not to accept this gift. I leave it in your hands.

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