Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fundamentals: Good, Evil, Free Will, and Choices

Before I get deeper in, it is best to clarify the fundamental ideology from which I speak so that the progression is easier to follow.

God and Jesus:
God is our creator, bringer of the light, and is neither male nor female. Jesus is the son of God and a powerful healer.

Free Will:
Now, I understand that some of you dispute the existence of God using the argument "if there really was a God, then why do bad things happen to good people?" The answer is: free will. The people in this world were given free will and are allowed to make their own choices; good AND bad. Think in terms of God being our parent, and us being the children. God watches over us and helps guide us as we learn and grow, but he does not 'control' our every move. What would be the point of living if we couldn't make our own decisions...and how would we learn if it weren't for our mistakes? Yes, bad things happen to good people, but it is through our own doing. We choose our own fate.

Now, this leads me to the topic of choices. It is our choices in life that define us and make us who we are. I understand that some things happen that are beyond our control, but the rest is shaped by our own doing. Don't forget that inaction is an action! This especially goes for the people who always tend to play the victim. Step up and take charge of your life, or else life will take charge of you! Also, I would like to emphasize that HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. Mood altering medications designed for depression do not fix the problem, as they only suppress. There is always a cause (or causes) behind a person's depression, and the only way to fix it is to figure out what it is- not medicate. No one gets depressed for no reason. Make the choice to better yourself by changing the aspects of your life that ail you. Only focus on the things you 'can' change and keep moving forward. Dwelling in anger or sadness is self-defeating and doesn't do anyone any good. You will only end up drawing in negative energies! ...No more excuses. Life is what YOU make it, and God looks kindly upon those who make good choices of their own free will.

Just as God exists, there is also satan. Unlike the archetypal image of a large creature with horns, satan's true image is blacked-out, similar to that of a solid shadowy figure. The absence of all light.

Evil takes on many forms: satan, demons, negative energies placed into material items, human form, and so on. (For more information, check out my post "Forms of Evil.") With the main objective being your soul, the evil will try to deceive, distract, misguide, and life-source off of you until you are too weak to fight back. Throwing you off your intended path, while breaking you down mentally and spiritually is one of satan's biggest tactics. The other is making you believe he doesn't exist.

Let's look at this from a logical perspective for a moment by using a real life example. You know that horrible, backstabbing friend or deceiving partner you used to have that hurt you the worst? How did they approach you on your initial meeting? Did they immediately introduce themselves as a backstabber, or did they approach you in a more amicable way? Typically it's more of a slow progression before you begin to see their true colors peeking out. Speaking in half-truths is of the most infamous tactics used because it is especially confusing! If they notified people of their true intentions, how many of us would really stick around to let it happen? The more you are in the dark, the better and easier it is to deceive you in order for them to get what they want. That is exactly how satan works. Like a game of chess, it's all about the strategy. Denial of the existence of evil does not make you immune, it actually makes you more vulnerable and susceptible to harm. On the flip side, knowing that evil exists and underestimating its power is equally as harmful. Understand what you are actually dealing with. Do not dabble. Humble yourself, be smart, and know that when you play with fire, you may get burned.

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