Sunday, August 16, 2015

Guiding Signs

Signs are all around us and can be experienced through several different means. It is one of the many ways God communicates with us to help guide and reassure us that we are on the right path. God utilizes our surroundings to reinforce a message. Signs can be noticed just about a song, a picture, on a television, clock, billboard, and so on. They are almost always perceived, but a lot of us just excuse them as something trivial or, at best, a strange coincidence. So, the question is: how do I know that what I saw or heard was really a sign? is all about the timing and context of the situation. Listed below are examples to help you along. 

Date of Birth Symbolism:
Your date of birth or even a favorite number is often used as a means to capture your attention. For instance, say your birthday is 7/15/88. Scenario A) You are driving in your car, when you notice the license plate directly in front of you emphasizes the number 88, 788, or even 715. Scenario B) You notice that room numbers, house numbers, numbers in line, etc. consistently seem to contain the same numbers as your date of birth. Scenario C) You always seem to look at the clock at 7:15. 

Seeing these symbols represent that you are on the right path, and are right where you were meant to be at that exact moment in time. On the flip side, if you continually notice 6's or the dreaded triple six's, then you must be cautious and perhaps rethink the direction you are headed (physically and spiritually).

Signs in Media:
Scenario A) Ever have a song come on the radio, immediately following a conversation or argument, that coordinates perfectly with your situation? Pay attention to the words, it is likely advising you or maybe just emphasizing how you feel at that moment in time, letting you know that God is there with you. Scenario B) Ever overhear the television respond perfectly to a question you just asked? It might make you laugh at first, but you will usually find that there is truth behind the answer. Scenario C) This is a recent experience of mine. Just last week I was reading a book, when the television in the background emphasized three different words. Each word was stated on the television simultaneously as I read the word in my book. How odd it was to hear the words aloud that I was reading. Needless to say, it turned out that those three words together meant something to me and directly related to my life. 

Repeated signs hold a significance that should not be ignored. They may be presenting an opportunity or trying to stress an issue that is being overlooked. ...You know those days when various, unrelated people bring up the same topic? Pay attention to what that topic does this relate to you? These signs are the kind you will likely have to decipher. On the flip side, it is important to know what kind of people you are receiving the repetitive message from. If they are negative, God does not communicate through negative people. In this case, it may be a false sign meant to throw you off and cause you to make a bad choice. 

This is yet another means by which God communicates. When a siren is heard, whether it be from an ambulance, fire truck, police car, etc., this is God trying to warn you of an immediate emergency. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially if the siren crosses your path. What happens next? Do you receive a text, phone call...a gift? Does someone approach you or ask to come over? If you are in a car, where are you headed? These are all things to be considered, as the emergency is in direct relation to your immediate future. For example, say you are out having coffee, and you see an ambulance going by with its sirens on. Suddenly, not long after the occurrence, someone approaches you. It is likely that God is warning you about this person. They may be negative, and it would be in your best interest to politely part ways asap. It is especially important that you not accept any items they try to give you. NOTE: If you are next to a hospital, fire station, or police station, this sign may not apply (as it is inevitable that you will hear a siren in these locations).

Tears/Watering Eyes:

Watering eyes bring awareness to that which surrounds you. Specifically, good and evil. (This is assuming that there is nothing irritating your eye and that it began watering without any direct cause.) If your LEFT eye waters, this signifies that evil is near. If your RIGHT eye waters, this signifies that God is near. If evil is near, calling for Jesus to remove the presence is a good idea.

Feeling of Choking or Chest Pressure:
When in tune with deep reality, your senses will become stronger as a means of protection against evil. Sometimes you may experience a choking sensation or a feeling of pressure in your chest after coming into contact with an item that holds negative energies. If this is the case, it would be in your best interest to throw the item out or refrain from purchasing it. If it is a person you are speaking with when you feel the choking, it is a clear sign to get away from this person, as their nature is evil.

Some people choose to dismiss these signs as a series of coincidences. However, I assure you that over time you will begin to take heed to their accuracy, if you open yourself up to receive them. Signs can present themselves in endless possibilities, never to be reduced to just the ones I've listed. Also, it is important to know that God tailors these signs specifically for you, with the intention of capturing your attention, alone. 

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